I may be mistaken, But I thought I saw you Swirling in my glass, Something bitter like amaro Laced amor, I want to do more than Write famished poems On thirsty bar tops. I can imagine that the Bartender is tired of my Fleeting glances your way, But I'm trying to figure out If you … Continue reading Misled


Loss of breath, Asphyxiation with deep strokes, Just a lil choke, Come thru and take a toke, Just a friendly lil poke, Scratch that, I'm trying to fuck you up Like you stole something, Like you grown or something, Hands behind your back Backshots or something, Whispered filthy promises or something, Tongue soul searching or … Continue reading Choked


FaceTime to missed calls, New rhyme for old times, Aren't you tired of last calls? We keep our phones locked, As if face down could keep the light blocked, As if the gun is loaded and cocked. Don't be shocked if I erase our posts, Don't get angry and do the most, We were only … Continue reading Cycles