The End.
Those words left me
They robbed me of
The bliss that came
From my fingertips grazing
Across delicate parchment
That left me parched sick for more
Verbs that let my mind run free
Unabashed from the tick tock
Whispering from my clock,
Each tick that tocked grew
Louder and louder until my
Heartbeat was muted and
My lungs were left to drown
In the absence of air,
I didn’t want it to end,
Didn’t want it to fly away
Like freed birds that never
Return in the morning,
Their cage left empty with
No pity for the droplets of
Memories that saturate the
Gold bars that it once called home,
No more chapters left for the ink in
My pen to figure skate across
The ice has melted– and the
River is flowing– and the
Dam has been breached– and the
Town has been flooded– and the
Story has been told– and the
Story has been told– and the
Next one is untold– and the
Next one won’t be told.
The End.

A.L.S. – TP


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