Why do right turns Manifest into sharp Left roundabouts, Don't crash into the Rails, speed limit Is key. Don't run from the Rum soaked sponge Inside of your glass, There's liberation In libation and pacing Is key. Please open the door To my house, The Landlord is coming, Your body is home And my heart … Continue reading Keys


_____ Being

What happened to that five letter word before "being". The existential crisis of consciousness That hid behind being. The nurturing fingers That caressed such small beings. The loud and quasi-absurdities From breath of being. The compassion of empathic shoes That walked within being. The bared teeth of passion That protected being. The story behind lines … Continue reading _____ Being

Dare to Dream

Dream of roses That kiss your nose, Dream of the laughter Between yellow daffodils, Dream a dream un-deferred. A dream unmarred by the Construct of reality, A dream with me. And you. Just us. Let this be all we got. A dream dreamt by Dreamers in love. Do you dare to dream? A.L.S. - TP


Ain't no god in these streets, No Jesus walkin’ in these streets, No red sea to part in these streets, Tho blood runs freely in these streets, Drugs course freely in these streets, Too much money in these streets, Problems turn freaky in these sheets, Babies turn hard in these streets, Brain splatter stains these … Continue reading Oblivion