Sporadic are my thoughts of late, I tried to abate the lizard that Slithered down my spine, But I was numb to the necrosis That persisted between the gaps Of my fingers. What am I doing anymore? I wonder if what you love Can kill you? All I see is black pixelated bodies On my … Continue reading Schizophrenic



I need poetry beca‚Ķ No, I don't need poetry, I don't need the letters to Slither down my pen and Form words that give cause To sanity, No, I don't need poetry, I don't need the explosion Of sentiment that leaves My fingers shell-shocked From grenades that blow PTSD to avant-garde artistry, No, I don't … Continue reading Bloodline


FaceTime to missed calls, New rhyme for old times, Aren't you tired of last calls? We keep our phones locked, As if face down could keep the light blocked, As if the gun is loaded and cocked. Don't be shocked if I erase our posts, Don't get angry and do the most, We were only … Continue reading Cycles